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Going Home to Camden

Andria Henry’s “Who Says You Can’t Go Home?” was the sweetest second chance romance between a Toronto party girl and a small town police officer. Their high school brush with romance left them both wounded and I loved how these two met and how antagonistic they were towards each other. I really appreciated that they got called out on their antics when they treated each other in ways they shouldn’t have.

This graphic was provided by the author.

The small town atmosphere was so wonderfully described and definitely reminded me of that small town life. You know? Everyone knows your business, sometimes before you know it yourself? Like that. I thought all of the characters were beautifully crafted individuals who jumped off the page, but I have to say Taco might have stolen the show.

In terms of what I didn’t like, there wasn’t much, and I think it’s a matter of preference. I personally found the novel started a little slower than I would like and relied slightly too much on a miscommunication. I will say, though, that I think that the age of the characters back then and how little they know each other now does lend itself to this element at least being realistic.

Overall, I would read it again, and I would read more books from this author. It was a sweet, fun read and I loved watching these two reconnect with each other and discover themselves. I definitely sobbed over this book more than three times, which is usually a good sign, in my opinion.

If you like closed door romances with sweet kisses and hand holding and longing glances, you’ll love “Who Says You Can’t Go Home?” by Andria Henry.

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Release Date: May 23, 2022


What if your path forward leads you back home?

When Toronto party girl Kylie is fired from her perfect job, she's forced to do the one thing she never wanted to do: go home. Returning to her sleepy hometown is her definition of failure. She drags herself back to the lakeside town of Camden with her tail between her legs, and she'll do whatever it takes to get back to the big city.

When Derek runs a routine traffic stop on a speeder, the one person he never expects to see in Camden again is Kylie. In fact, he barely recognizes her. She doesn't look like the quiet, sweet girl he had a crush on in high school.

Kylie's brother offers her a job back in the city if she can prove she’s changed her ways. She finds the perfect opportunity, but it means working with Derek to save the town’s waterfront. Can she look past their feud and get the job done?

Can she avoid falling in love with him and complicating her plans to return to the big city?

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