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A Second Chance to Believe

The One That Got Away by Zee Monodee had an ending that made everything worth it.

I loved the way these two characters were set up for their second chance romance, having missed each other through distance and misconceptions in the past. I’m always a sucker for a romance where the guy falls first and Eric was swoon-worthy in his love for Lara.

The island politics of the mothers and the aunties, the energetic friends and entertaining sisters add fun comedic elements and deep important conversations to this piece. The way Eric remembers Lara’s fears and wishes and what we learn about how their relationship fell apart the first time really endeared the characters to me in a way that felt so real and emotional.

I personally would have liked to see a little more of the story occur on page or come out more slowly, because I felt a little overwhelmed reading the beginning of the book with all the information I was being given. That said, by the time I got to the middle of the story, I couldn’t put it down. The events pulling these two together and apart again were realistic, heart-wrenching and personal and I loved every minute of it.

The fact that they had to fight for their love across years and across countries before finding their way back to each other to have this book’s love story made the whole thing all the more worth it. If you like second chance romance, swoon-worthy respectful men, friends who tell it like it is, and big families who like to meddle, I highly recommend this book.

I can't wait to read the next one.

Your Romance Reviewer,


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