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Star Struck by Willa Drew - Full Review

If you love cute romantic comedies, celebrity romance, or Irish flair, this novella might be for you! If you like longer books or angst, this might not be your read. If you’re at all on the fence, why not check out the rest of the review before you decide?


I thought the characters in this novella were by far its greatest strength. They had a history and were so well-developed in such a short space.


Our leading lady starts out giving us a hint of her interest in Asher, which I love, and then their meet cute catapults them into something she thought only existed in her dreams, which I also loved. She had history and quirks and felt so unique in what mattered to her and how she tried to balance that with her family. She is such a relatable heroine.


Our leading man seems quite the enigma at first. Dashing and handsome and definitely out of reach. Until he wasn’t. And when we start to see him grapple with what it means to be famous and how that affects those around him, it is so relatable and down to earth. He’s a multifaceted character I definitely grew to love more and more. I want to see more from him. He seems like he has so much more to share.

The Setting

A second thing I think really recommends this book for me is the setting. The Los Angeles and small down Ireland locations are clearly different in that each has its own unique character (which isn’t surprising given the two locations here mentioned). I loved how their lives were intertwined in the past through an Irish connection and an Irish nickname, too. I really did feel like I was there with these two as they navigated their lives in these colourful settings.

What I Struggled With

While I loved the characters and the premise and the setting, this novella was, for me, a little too much exposition. I would have loved to be more immersed in the characters' inner selves. Recalling and remembering things that once were, wondering if the other might feel as they do.

The storyline itself is very good, and I certainly wasn't expecting too much angst in a romantic comedy novella, but I would have loved to have a more immersive experience with these characters' backstories. There is clearly so much there that I wish was given to us more richly, as the author has done with the injection of some stories from the past. I often felt like things happened just a little too fast, with not enough time to really process and breathe between the events.


Ultimately, I think Drew’s debut novella has a wonderfully fun premise, well-developed characters, and a lot of interesting plot points. The book overall goes where you expect it to, but keeps you guessing on a few key surprises along the way. With a little more depth of feeling in the transitions between events, I think this book would come close to a five star review for me. If you like light, quick romantic comedy reads, you might want to check this one out. As for me, I am looking forward to seeing future releases from this duo of authors. I’m told I might get more Siobhan and Asher.

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Thanks for choosing Siobhan and Asher's story to review. We are thrilled you liked Star Struck and hope to bring you more soon!❤️

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