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Scotsman in the Stacks by Alana Oxford

This book has such a fun premise! Librarian Paige has been with her boyfriend forever and he refuses to become her fiance. Finally, she realizes that the two of them just don’t want the same things in life and she breaks up with him, determined to not make the same mistake again.

Less than a year later, an attractive young man, James, walks into the library where Paige works and she is immediately drawn to him. When he opens his mouth and a Scottish accent spills out, well, Paige is sold. Except he’s not in the area for long. Definitely a problem for a girl who needs a long term commitment.

I thought that initial conflict and set up was done quite well. There were some areas I would have liked to see a little more drama or intrigue but overall the book flowed well in delivering an initial premise that was interesting and had enough complexity to keep me reading. But once the two got together, I felt like the conflict almost fully evaporated and morphed into the cutest scenes where these two were doting on each other. I will say, though, that I found the library patrons extremely fun and entertaining, but wanted more from our two leads.

I personally wanted to see some differences of opinion or her taking him somewhere that accidentally reminded him or something negative or, due to their cultural differences, even a mild miscommunication that caused a problem. I would have also liked to see more tension surrounding his return to Scotland. I won’t spoil anyone, but I felt that the worry about whether they would end up together was gone too early in the story for my personal tastes.

I also struggled with James’s speech patterns. It seems that at times his accent comes off very Scottish and other times his speech patterns sound just like the Americans around him. I would have liked to see more consistency or an explanation for this discrepancy. It also bothered me that Paige’s interview was so built up and then the interview itself just kind of never happened. It was mentioned that it would happen, but we never saw the interview or even really got to hear about what happened in it. I would have loved to see the interview play out or even see her debrief it a little more with Kayla.

If you are looking for a light, fun read that will definitely not make you want to throw the book at the wall, this one might be for you. The two leads are genuine and kind to each other in a way you’d like to see from a real world couple in love, and the library patrons are at times exceptionally entertaining. Overall, this is a light, fun read that I finished quickly and there were a lot of cute and entertaining moments throughout, I just like my books with a little more conflict.

Your Romance Reviewer,


Release Date: June 14, 2022


Paige wants two things: to land a full time librarian job and find the man of her dreams. On the cusp of thirty, she finds herself suddenly single and working part-time in a Michigan library. A handsome patron with a delicious accent appears at the reference desk, inadvertently sparking an idea that might help her land the promotion she so desperately needs. But that's not the only thing he sparks.

James is in town from Glasgow, Scotland, on a summer artist residency. Luckily, the trip got him away from the pressure he feels to take over his uncle's river tour business. He only wanted to clear his head and make his art in peace, but he wasn't counting on finding an attractive librarian to fill his days.

With only eight weeks before James goes home to Scotland, Paige knows she should protect her heart. After all, she already wasted years with her commitmentphobe ex. But the more she gets to know James, the less she can stick to her plan to just be friends. Is she just wasting her time again, or can they bridge the ocean between them to find a happily ever after of their own?

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