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A Royal Second Chance

W. Million's Scarred Crown made me believe in second chance romances. The flawed characters, the drama, the royal demands, and the complicated family dynamics were amazing.

Prince Nicholas, or Nick as he’s sometimes known, has a real, complex personality with many goals and wishes. One of which is staying away from his dad and spending time on Safari in Tanzania. Julia, as the king’s secretary, is tasked with bringing Prince Nicholas home and finds herself on safari in Tanzania, too. Except there’s no bed or tent for her to stay in, so of course she ends up bunking with Nick. I mean, Prince Nicholas.

Their old friendship bubbles under the surface and old wounds are unmasked as the two try to navigate being close to each other again with a wonderful amount of enemies-to-lovers style banter. They grow closer in such a realistic way it had me staying up to finish the next chapters.

This story is told with the present and past timelines interspersed with each other. I thought this generally added depth to the story and made my heart break for the messes the young teenagers found themselves in.

Occasionally, though, I did think the past chapters were giving information I already knew from the present, and could have probably been cut to help continue the suspense established in the present day chapters. No spoilers, but one scene outside the tent in the dark comes to mind as a scene I really wanted to see play out in the next chapter, rather than returning to the past.

Overall, I didn’t find those small things to detract from the overall story and I really fell in love with these two and watching them navigate life together. I would highly recommend you check out this book, especially if you love second chances, complicated histories, royal politics, or exciting settings.

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Release Date: May 18, 2022



Years ago, she owned my heart.

As my childhood friend, she knew all my secrets and my true feelings about everything.

Except her.

When she hurt me, it was too much-picking the one person I loathed over me.

Being the son of a king isn't easy. Being the second son is even harder. Which is why I left: to work harder for myself, for my family, but away from the pain.

Now, we're connected again, and she wants me to return home to my father. And that is not on my radar, but she is. Every single inch of her.

This time, she won't slip through my fingers,

Or shall I say my crown?


He bailed on our friendship, disconnecting from me and all that we built together, shattering my heart in the process. Now, his father wants him back ---needs him back--- and has ordered me to retrieve him. Who am I to tell the king "No?"

One look at him and I remember why I loved him. But I refuse to fall for royalty again, even if we're this close, sharing one bed and our secrets again. After all, when he discovers the truth, there's no battling the SCARRED CROWN that's come between us.

This is a childhood best friends turned enemies to lovers second chance royal romance that brims with angst and witty banter.

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