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Say the Words by Genny Carrick

These two broke my soul and put it back together. I ached with them and yearned with them and feared with them and I sobbed with them.

I loved how June was so engaged in her maid of honour role that she went out to see Ty at his ranch. Her fierce determination and dedication to that was a perfect set up for her fierce determination and dedication in all respects. I also loved how her past with him and his brother came out in her point of view, and I could really sense her conflict.

And then Ty came into view and it’s possible I loved him even more. I’m not even sure how, but he captivated me with his conflicted emotions. His need to care for June even when he was injured was enough to send me swooning.

This might have been the most emotionally charged closed door book I've read in a long time. The couple was phenomenal, the setting was beautiful, the problem of broken ribs kept them together and also apart if you catch my drift. I loved every second of this.

I have nothing but praise for this book and it is definitely going on my list to read again. Even if you don't usually read closed door, I'd recommend giving this one a try. It is laced with longing and desire and the story is captivating.

Your Romance Reviewer,


Release Date: June 15, 2022


She’s going to help this grumpy rancher whether he likes it or not.

After her job plans fell apart, June Evans returns to her hometown determined to rock her role as Maid of Honor. She'll do anything to make her cousin’s dream wedding a reality, even if that means playing nice with the grumpy Best Man. Ty Hardy is big, rugged, gorgeous—and her cheating ex’s older brother.

When June’s attempt to make peace leaves Ty with broken ribs, she volunteers to help him out around his ranch until the wedding. Never mind that he can’t admit he needs her help, and she hasn’t been around horses in years. Their tentative friendship threatens to turn into something deeper, but June refuses to fall for another man who isn’t all in.

Ty tried his best to stay away from June while she dated his brother, but now he can’t turn around without stumbling over her. He isn’t used to relying on anyone, but her persistent presence in his life is hard to resist. As they work together, the attraction he once pushed aside as off limits comes roaring back to life. Her time on his ranch may be temporary, but he could give her a reason to stay, if only he could say the words.

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