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Hidden Identities and Fears

I really love the honest realism in Ruby Red by D. L. Croisette. The two hurt leads with pasts they don’t want to share and present problems that flow so naturally from those past wounds really got me in the feels. I fell in love with Ali and Sam.

This graphic was provided by the author, D. L. Croisette.

I loved how well Ali was portrayed – a strong woman who had overcompensated from the wound her ex husband left on her. I also loved how authentically Sam struggled with telling Ali his secrets and the reason he got distracted from achieving it. I’m not going to spoil it, I’m just going to say once you get there, you’ll understand.

These characters were flawed and real and the conflict throughout the book kept me turning the pages. Overall, the romance was definitely the focus and I absolutely felt the chemistry between these two in all ways and loved watching them navigate the new relationship together. I felt the conflicts were realistic, interesting, and wrapped up nicely in the end. I was definitely excited to see these two get their happy ending.

The only thing I struggled with in this book is the timing and emotional impact of the two main twists in the conflict. I really felt like the midpoint conflict had more emotional impact than the conflict nearer the end because it was the one that had the most direct impact on their relationship. While I really loved watching them navigate the situation with the surprise twist at the gala, I almost wish the two twists had happened in reverse order. This is super hard to explain without spoilers, but I felt I should try as it’s the only reason I didn’t give this book five stars.

Ultimately, I thought the story was engaging, lighthearted, and fun. These two had chemistry, emotional attachment, love and care for each other, and more than enough drama to keep me thoroughly entertained. I really loved this story, and would definitely recommend Ruby Red to lovers or romance, and especially to lovers of riches to rags, hidden identity or slow burn stories. I’m definitely looking forward to more from D. L. Croisette.

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Release Date: May 23, 2022


Sometimes you find love only after you lose everything else.

One night stands only need apply.

Ali Stinson is having a bad day. Her afternoon tryst was interrupted (before they got to the good part) to discover her investment manager ran away with all her money. Now she has to keep up appearances with her high society friends, find a dress for an upcoming charity event, and not fall in love with Sam, the cute bartender, who insists on helping her. Thing is, she’s 90% sure she doesn’t want help. Adulting is hard.

Looking for work, not love.

Sam Freemont is having a strange day. He was in the middle of the best kiss of his life when his boss walked in and halted the fun, which is not helping with the low profile he’s trying to maintain. Now he can’t get Ali off his mind or out of his dreams. Good thing she’s a regular at the swanky resort he just started working at. Gives him time to find a way back to her lips. Or better yet, into her heart.

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1 Comment

D. L. Croisette
D. L. Croisette
May 22, 2022

Portraying Ali and Sam in a realistic manner was super important to me so I'm thrilled you found them so. Thanks for reading Ruby Red. 💋

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