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Hollywood Detective?

I picked up Looking for Like by Ravina Hilliard because it was a no-nonsense female detective being forced to work with a billionaire Hollywood star. And on that front, this story absolutely did not disappoint. The banter in this was a thing of beauty.

I loved how the two of them were portrayed, complete with witty banter, angst, and sudden attraction neither of them saw coming. I also liked how the case was something they could reasonably achieve, but still difficult enough that it kept me guessing. I did not see the twist coming at all, but it made everything fall into place so nicely. All told, these two had the witty banter you want from a rivals to lovers style romance, all the chemistry and sizzle that has the windows steaming, and more than enough drama to go around. I loved how their relationship developed in a way that made sense for them, and I really loved how that element tied into the title of this novel.

I personally would have preferred jumping a little more into the story without the prologue, or else getting a little more of a hint in the prologue of what I was about to see regarding the twist. I also would have liked a little more of a distinct voice from Patrick, and felt that at times the story felt like it went a little slower than I wanted. I also struggled with some of the word choices seeming very British from our American character or very not British from our British character. The occasional exceptionally obscure word to describe dialogue also pulled me out of the story in a way that I didn’t love. I don’t think these things detracted from the story, especially if you are into spicy scenes or investigative procedures. I would recommend this book to readers of police/billionaire romance, enemies or rivals to lovers, or steamy connections leading to more. Overall, I did enjoy this book. See you next time!

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