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Last on the List by Amy Daws

This book was enthralling and the couple was fire. I can't tell you the plot twist (I would never spoil you like that) but it was absolute perfection. I cannot believe this is my first book by this author because I loved this.

I knew this romance was going to be hot but I was not prepared for how much. The angst was amazing, the nanny/boss vibes were handled perfectly, and I'm always a sucker for a book with a cute kid. I thought the difficult pasts and conflicting interests added just the right amount of tension.

The struggle to balance fatherhood with running a business comes through with Max in the best way and his instant attraction to Cozy is not something he wants to happen, so naturally I was cheering for it the whole way. His tormented response to falling for a woman in his employ is so true to his character and was so nice to see.

Cozy dealing with her attraction to her sexy boss doesn’t go much better. When you get to the rain storm and the power outage, don’t stop reading, because it’s about to get good. I really loved how she bonded with Max’s daughter and how she dove into her role and her belief system head first. I loved her growth and her backstory as the novel progressed.

I stayed up reading this captivating book and I now need to go read every single thing Amy Daws has ever written. I also have a sudden urge to buy a charcuterie board. If you know, you know. If you like spicy in your romance, you will love this.

Your Romance Reviewer,


Release Date: June 16, 2022

Read to the end for an excerpt of Last on the List...


Only a bad nanny knows what it’s like to kiss the boss.

CEO millionaire, Max Fletcher is a single dad in desperate need of a nanny.

Cozy Barlow is in the middle of her self-appointed “gap year” and doing everything she can to detach from her past.

But when her sister begs her to interview for the nanny position of a high maintenance client, she doesn’t have a good enough reason to say no.

And when Max locks eyes on the twenty-something in a tie-dye sweatsuit who pitches the idea of daydreaming all summer—he prepares to give this bad nanny the boot.

One problem: Max’s little girl thinks this plus-sized in body and spirit nanny might be her new bestie, so she hires her on the spot.

Now Max is stuck with this bizarre woman who hates everything he represents—corporate greed, money, status, power.

But one stormy night when the power goes out, he discovers Cozy doesn’t hate him. In fact, he’s the leading role in her fantasies.

Fantasies, he would very much like to make a reality.

Last on the List is a 115,000 word full length rom-com with steam, laughs, and love! Reads great as a standalone!


And now for an excerpt from Last on the List!


“Max, I’m going to bed,” Cassandra groans, pulling her cotton robe tightly across her chest as she steps outside and leans against the side of the house. “Let’s just forget this horrible evening ever happened.”

“I can’t forget,” I bark, pointing at my head like a lunatic as I continue to pace. “Because I have a daughter. And knowing that she could grow up someday and have messed-up thoughts about her physical appearance will never be something I’m okay with.”

Cassandra’s brows knit together. “What?”

“What you said about me throwing you over my shoulder earlier? First of all…I could do that. Feel free to challenge me on that. I love a challenge.” I turn on my heel to march the other way. “But second of all, who cares if I couldn’t? Do you think that makes you any less worthy of someone? It doesn’t. It’s a superficial nothingburger of a thing. It tells nothing about the person you are or the beauty you possess.”

I pause to prop my hands on my hips, hitting her with a lethal glare before I deliver the next bit. Her lips are parted, her eyes are wide and glistening in the security light as she falls back against the white siding.

She looks like an angel.

“Third of all, you are not now, nor could you ever be a convenience hook up. In fact, you are the most inconvenient hook up of my life. Which is why I need you to hear the next part.”

“There’s more?” she gasps, her fingers touching her parted lips.

“A lot more, Cassandra,” I growl, my voice echoing off the house as I stalk toward her…

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