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Finding You Completes Me by Stacey Komosinski

I really enjoyed the chemistry between the two main characters, and loved how nerdy they were together (and apart) throughout the book. The supporting characters of Jess’s friends and Momma R. were excellent and I really loved how much Jess took on the role of mother to Ruthie. The family and small town elements were beautifully and realistically portrayed in this romance.

The way these two meet, the way he finally gains the courage to ask her out, and the way they are with each other from moment one is definitely worth the read. These two have chemistry seeping off the page combined with real conversations and problems that they face alone and then, increasingly, together. The struggles they faced kept me turning the page and I never doubted that these two would be there for each other through it all.

I did have a couple things that tripped me up, though. First, I struggled with how many characters were introduced in the beginning and how superficially I got to know most of them in the opening chapters. Perhaps this isn’t a problem if you’ve read the previous novels in the series, but as a first time reader, it was a struggle for me. And second, I found several of the scenes or conversations, especially toward the beginning of the book, to be realistic but without story purpose. People absolutely talk about the things they were talking about, but it left me wondering why it was important to the romance or even the subplots we were being introduced to.

That said, by the end, I was thoroughly invested in their relationship and could see them being together. I was very much rooting for their success, which is what you want in a romance. This was relatively low on relationship drama, and relatively high on steamy scenes. These two did not shy away from either the physical or emotional elements of their relationship, but it developed so naturally for these two characters.

If you like small town romances, dreamy doctors, many spicy peppers in the bedroom (and elsewhere), and strong friend groups, I am sure you will love Finding You Completes Me by Stacey Komodinski. I definitely enjoyed it enough to want to pick up the next one!

Until next time,

Your Romance Reviewer


Release Date: March, 2022


After gaining unexpected guardianship of her niece, Jessica Taylor moves to the small town of Harmony, Texas to be near her best friends with the hopes of starting over. Without any future plans, insecurity is at an all-time high when the gorgeous town doctor is drawn to her for just that reason: he’s tired of his perfectly planned life practicing and researching rural medicine.

Considering her newly acquired single mother status, no job prospects and no home to call her own, Jessica Taylor is anxious to get her derailed life back on track. Meeting and falling for Dr. Logan Meyers isn’t part of her plan, but who cares when his emerald eyes and kisses pack a punch strong enough to rock her world.

Logan Meyers spent the last fifteen years focusing on his medical training and research. The newest town resident with her mile long legs and honey-brown eyes that speak volumes, might be just what the doctor ordered to spark some excitement into his otherwise dull life.

With all the flirty fun between Jess and Logan comes unexpected twists and turns that test the strength of their new laid plans and relationship. Will their sizzling chemistry stay hot through the curveballs life throws them?

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