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Cookout Carnage by Kelly Kay and Evie Alexander

I really like the premise of these novellas: a group of six strangers became friends after being stuck in an airport together, and these novellas follow their love stories (with other people).

The interconnected friend group is so supportive of each other, presenting almost as a found family, which I love. I also enjoyed the way the relationships had history and emotions built over years before the novellas even started - I think it helped to allow the stories to happen so quickly and remain believable. I did think the first story, Up In Smoke, felt a little rushed in dealing with the problem, but I loved the second half twist!

I didn't mind at all that one story followed American English conventions, while the other followed British English, because the stories were following characters of that nationality. I did find a few of the phrases from Americans to be a little too British, but nothing that took away from the story as a whole.

All told, I enjoyed these stories and am looking forward to seeing the last of the group find love in the next installment.

Your Romance Reviewer,


Release Date: June 23, 2022



One Fourth of July, two couples, complete carnage. These hot and hilarious stories are the perfect romcom recipe.

Off with a Bang - by Evie Alexander

Posh Brit Tristan has fallen for his American work colleague over Zoom. When she invites him to spend the Fourth of July with her and her family, he leaps at the chance to meet face to face. Maybe they can be more than just friends?

Sherilyn is in big trouble. She’s in love with someone she’s never met, and he’s just accepted an invitation she was sure he’d turn down. Tristan might think he’s about to meet a cute girl and her cookie-cutter family, but she’s Sherrie-Lynne, not Sherilyn. And when he discovers her family are lawless rednecks, he’s going to run a country mile.

Now, Sherilyn has to produce a fake family and put on a show bigger than her small town’s Fourth of July celebrations. Can she pull it off, or will she end up driving both Tristan and her family away forever?

Up in Smoke - by Kelly Kay

Cute farm boy Jonathan is about to get married to the wrong person. He’s clinging to an ideal of love, but his bride-to-be seems more interested in his best man, and wants to eat his pet. Jonathan’s heart has always belonged to his friend Juliet, but she left town years ago.

Now, the day before his nuptials, Juliet’s back and Jonathan’s had an epiphany. Can he get the right girl and find real happiness? Or is everything about to go up in smoke, including his pet pig?

Evie and Kelly’s Holiday Disasters are a series of hot and hilarious romantic comedies with interconnected characters, focusing on one holiday and one trope at a time. No cheating, no cliff-hangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after (HEA).

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